Krystelle (Krys) Denis is a software technologist specializing in visual frameworks and data-driven narratives. She co-runs Behavior/time1 and is currently working on Digital Benin.

Select Projects:

Digital Benin
Project Apollinaire
Thesis - Excess Laboratory
Life and Death of Data
NG09 Posthuman: Cover Design
Colorful Arguments
Mapping Plant Nurseries


Recieved her master's degree at Harvard University, GSD (MArch I Advanced Placement) and worked with metaLAB Harvard, Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Piaggio Fast Forward, OBVIL at Paris Sorbonne, Bibliothèque nationale de France, and New Geographies.


krystelledenis at gmail
617 863 7853 (US)
06 95 90 76 54 (FR)

1 It has become our shared circumstance to frequent flat, glowing screens. As their content grows more insistent for our time and manipulative of our behavior, we begin to resemble actors directed this way and that. The film director David Fincher has been credited as saying that, “Every scene you direct … it’s the same thing: behavior over time.” Fincher’s pithy clause is as relevant for film makers as it is for digital creators — it compels us to respect the influence we have over the time and behavior of those who use our tools. It implores us to work critically and humanely. – B/t